Diversity and Inclusion

Dedicated to Diversity, Committed to Inclusion

As a true community pre-k whose roots come from the public school system, we strive to reflect the progressive values and diverse culture that make Montclair unique. At MCPK, diversity is broadly defined to include race, socio-economic class, gender, ethnicity and culture, sexual identity, religion, family unit, and different learning styles & abilities. We believe that the pursuit of diversity is consistent with our educational values and is a moral obligation. We believe that including children with disabilities in the classroom benefits students and teachers. We believe that helping children understand and respect their differences is an integral part of their character development.

With donor support, we offer scholarships and tuition on a sliding scale. Through our partnership with the Montclair Public Schools (MPS), we serve children with disabilities in integrated classrooms. The Montclair Public Schools also provide a stand-alone Developmental Learning Center (DLC) on our campus.